True Love.

December 7, 2008

The sweet tension seeps through your pores.
It rips through your flesh.
You can’t hold on.

It’s the protective masculinity of love, and the overpowering beauty and strength of femininity.
Sweet. Simple. Ready. Strong.

It’s the reason why you hate someone so much for the love you feel.
The reason why giving it up, would ruin your every flaw.
Delicate. Sorry. Complicated.

This is what will drive you and this is what will bring you down.
You can’t give up. You don’t want to.
It forces you to see something better.
Truth. Eager. Lifted. Broken. Surrounded.

Taken for granted. Cheated. Defenseless.

It’s an exploding disaster of strength.
It’s as miraculous as finding new land.

Explore me as I explore you…
I will take my flag and claim this fresh ground.
It is mine! It is free, and it is open.
Strange. Scared. Worried.

It’s as if this new air brings me new life.
With every breath I breathe of you, I am new.
Until you breathe me in…I am lost.

I will wait…
I will sit in your field and I will wait!

Take me, and I will give you new life.
Surround me, and I will surrender.
Not but a coward for what is right,
I am but a coward for love!

Promise. Forgiveness. Forever. Empowered.
Bare me, and I promise you thy life.
Without you, your beloved warmth,
I am nothing but a cold moon and a starless night.
Give me the strength to shine,
To rise and to fall before you.

I am not more than you, when you are more than love.
You are more than every flake of tree that may fall from the sky.
You are more than just a human.
A person without true love.
You are all of what I wish I could become.

To you, you are just a speck on an infinite planet.
Discomfort. Misled. Faded. Diminished.
Your sickening portrayal of who you are brings nothing but fear to my soul.
I am scared for you. I am scared for me.
You cannot understand and it kills me.

The sour truth of being alone is torturous.
For if I cannot move, I will not run.

You are the creator; you hold every card in mine hand.
If I do not win, it is of your doing.
This is the truth in how I feel; I cannot control it.

I will hide until you find me.
A game I wish not to play.
For in a game, someone must lose.
An outcome… in either direction, I cannot recover from.

The lack of emptiness in your eyes, tells me I can see you but you cannot see me.
I am happy for you, but broken for me.

Take me and I promise you…
It’s as if I was born searching for you.
I am the only one who can hear you.
Like a ghost before you, I scream in your presence.
Hear me!

All I want…

Hear me…

See me…

Love, me…
As I you.

You are more than greatness in mine eyes.
Soft. Beautiful.
I will fight, I will scream.
I can feel you…

Painfully perfect.

Poisonous attraction.
Every cell that creates your largest organ; to hold such work…

I can sense your temperature rising. Shaking.
As if I can feel your blood pounding.

Suffocating years on a planet with no time.
I dream of a future of every minute of you;
Every second of love.

My love is endless, I could write for years.
I love you, as you are.
Admire you, for who you wish to be.
Depend on myself to save you.

You vanish before me; but I do not fall.
For I know I will find you.

I come in fear; but I am not afraid.

I wish you could feel me, as I graze your soul.
As I assure you my love. I’ll follow you…
Just know that I am there. I’ll save you.
I want to…

I love you…

I swear!

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