December 6, 2008
By Allie Essink, Altoona, IA

I was lost in a world of nothing
Poisened by those around me
I stumbled through the dark
Not knowing what kind of journey i was about to embark
My sins of mistakes...
To heavy of a load to carry
My spirit was about to break
My being was hollow and empty
Until somewhere in this darkness i found light
So sweet and pure...
So warm and right
Promising soothing peace
I wanted to devour this careful serenity to stand in this over barring light
For just a moment at least my heart jumped to life
Beating with a new rhythem
My body shrieked and cried for this new raging inside
This feeling...
Could it be real?
So whole
So complete
So content
So at peace
This light could it be?
Is it finally healing me?

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