It's My Everything

December 6, 2008
It’s My Everything

It's what I do when I need to think but
It's also what I do when I don’t want to think.
I sit there, not caring about anything that is going on around me.
It's my escape.

My fingers flow effortlessly over the black and white keys
Like water rushing down a mountain stream.
It's an instinct. It’s tranquility. It's comfort.
It's my serenity.

Regardless of what people say, it does have healing powers.
It's therapeutic. It’s calming. It’s soothing.
It's my peace.

I find the perfect words to explain what I want to say through my music.
Sometimes when words fail, music speaks,
And the only way to figure out a solution is to play.
It's my meditation.

On those days when I need to leave the chaos of my house,
I play, I compose, I sing.
It's my relief.

Music is that one place where I know I have control;
I make all the decisions. It's the perfect place.
It's my Walden.

Learning and composing new pieces is like discovering a new mountain to hike.
It's like learning to ski for the first time.
It‘s my adventure.

Letting the thousands of notes and chords run through my head,
And randomly picking a handful to put together is staggering.
It's my perfection.

The power of music is unbounded
The way it impacts each person is wondrous.
The way it impacts me is beyond what words can say.
It’s my happiness.

It means more to me than nearly everything in the world.
Music is the only thing that remains constant in my life when all else fails and everything falls apart.
It's something I create. It’s mine. It’s indescribable.
It’s my everything.

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