So True..

December 6, 2008
By Taylor Veno, Olds, ZZ

Something I think of every second,
of every moment,
of everyday...
Something so special,
So meaningful,
Something so perfect. So true.
Something I will always and forever remember...

My first love, you know who you are.
I love you, You dont love me.
Something incredibly hard to deal with.
I will love you for always.
I will care about you forever...

How long will this take?
How long will I wait?...
You tell me to move on?
But how? I fell. So hard.
You caught me.
You held me so tight.
Now.. Im slipping away...

You tell me I deserve better, But you are all I want.
You are everything I need.
You provide for my heart.
So much Lust. Fear. Strength.
So much Love...

I fell for you..
I fell far..
I fell inlove.
How do pick myself back up?
How do I jump so high?
How do I fall OUT of love?...

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