Dear Somebody

December 6, 2008
You said you'd be there
Why didn't you show up
You make all these stupid excuses
I can't take it anymore
I hate that your like that
I can't believe you
Finally when I truse you
You break my heart
You hurt me so bad
You don't even know
I can't believe you
I guess what hurts the worse is
That I know you think
Your doing no wrong
What confuses me is
How can a person
Hurt another person and
Still love them
That don't make sense
If you love someone
You aint sapose to hurt them
So how can you say you love me
When you hurt me
When you break promises
When you don't show up
How can you love me
When you don't love yourself
You can't
So why do you say you do
You can never live up to what you say
So why speak at all
I can't stand it
I can't stand you
I wish you wouldn't have been there
If you weren't there you couldn't have lied
If you weren't there I would not be hurt
I wouldn't know you and your evil ways
I wouldn't be hurting right now
Why did you do it
Why oh why

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.... said...
Dec. 16, 2008 at 3:13 am
woot this rocks
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