There Goes Me

December 6, 2008
Please tell me babe what I did
Lonely devoted blackened kid
Of hearts I desire and love I admire
Teasing me you filthy liar
Of all the things your eyes have told
Bargaining my heart I have sold
I want it back return it to me
The blood will stop you will see
That without it I will die
I need my strength as I lie
The blood drips out my love for you
My hand loses grips of life that’s new
A reborn child learning to live again
The lies of love and hearts of men
My hair has matted and skin turned brown
Of all the struggle and falling down
Stumbling foot steps and bleeding hands
Tying me down with age and bands
Knowing you want me is the hardest thing
Why wont you help me my darling king
Take me away save me at last
To death I have been furiously cast
No thought on mind just 1 2 3
Blood spatters and there goes me

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