December 6, 2008
Fire ignites inside of me when I see you trying to take me from him. You held my heart besides yours and you let in blow away like smoke. Flames engulfed the dreams I had for us. Ashes land in front of where I once stood. A warning was given, it was your choice to ignore or listen to. Now you cry out in pain as your heart melts inside of you. I want to run and help you. As I take the first step towards you memories of tears and blood come rushing back, I look into your watery eyes and turn the other way. Now I’m running from demons that are chasing me with fiery eyes sockets in these dark woods that surround the memories of you. No light is near enough to shed on the twisted path. I trip and land hard on something soft; it’s your jacket. A scream is coming up my throat but when I open my mouth nothing comes out. Pain flares in my arm. Stumbling to my knees I start running again and then there’s a bright light. No more woods. But something much worse then darkness is in front of me. You. Another pain shoots down my arm like lighting. Removing my hand, I see red on my palm and jacket sleeve. You’ve reopened the scars to my heart. Then your gone and all that’s left in front of me is ash. Smoke fills the air around me and then like a pipe is in the air, the smoke forms a tunnel and goes into my scars one at a time. Darkness has once again seeped into me and this time nothing will prevent it from staying.

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