A Tragic Tale

December 6, 2008
By Somi Singh, Omaha, NE

It's the time when she's lonely, that scares her the most.
It's the time when the tears come,
"I'd like to give a toast," says her father, "to my daughter, for one day I know, she'll do something great, she'll put on a show! Us common ones will marvel at the magical sight."
Oh but little does he know, for she is not quite alright.

All of them look, and all of them see,
the fake smile she puts on
but not the helpless misery,
that eats her soul from inside out,
day and night filling her with endless doubt.
Her mind racing with thouht of her destney,
"Perhaps what they want is not what I am meant to be."
But what do they know, they do not understand,
How she feels inside, even she can not comprehend.
And so one day it may happen to be,
That lonely young girl may set herself free.

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