True Beauty

December 6, 2008
By Sara Reddin, Laurel, MD

Never rely on mirrors,
They never tell the truth,

What real is on the inside,
Your feelings deep within,

What matters and what's true,
Is all inside of you,

The physical things don't matter,
They never really do,

Because they won't last forever,
What will is inside of you,

Your true and inner beauty,
Is the real and only you,

To see what that is,
You must believe and love yourself,

True beauty is only seen by the eye's who wish to seek the truth,
Your eye's,

Are they ready?
Ready to know the true you?

The author's comments:
i wrote this because i realized how much we put ourselves down. we don't relize how much potential we really have. we focus to much on today, then on tomorrow. we care to much about what others think of us, than we do for ourselves. we just need to take a step away from the mirror, and be able to trust that we know who we are. and walk out the door with confidence.

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