'Charge' the Good Times

December 6, 2008
Got there late,
Learned new strategies,
First game all year,
Bring on the team please.

Played our best,
Wasn't enough,
Against U-14,
We played tough.

Ate some Arby's,
Everyone's back,
Warmed up strong,
We're ready to attack!

Shooting, scoring,
We played so beastly,
We're all heroes!

1st day's over,
We were so proud,
We played so well,
And celebrated loud!

Back again,
To have more fun,
These teams are good,
Be ready to run!

We pushed and shoved,
And creamed them bad,
Boy, were they mad!

Ali and Taylor put
Our team in style,
The buns we wore,
Could be seen from miles!

They were like giants,
We looked at them, cringing,
But we battled and fought,
And by halftime we were winning!

At the end we were weaker,
And they came back and won,
But we didn't care because,
We worked hard and they were freshmen!

I had a total blast,
I love my whole team,
I feel so lucky,
I just wanna scream!

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