Torn Between Two Worlds

December 6, 2008
By Sierra Schraufstetter, Cheektowaga, NY

Torn between two worlds of light and dark
Two worlds of Good and evil
Separated by the forces of darkness, the angel of spark

Will the darkness overpower or will the light shine through?
Let yourself be saved by love and don’t let death come for you
The evil will overcome if you let it
The light of good will no longer be lit
If you’re good then fight the overpowering hate
If you’re evil then destroy the heaven’s gate
I am neutral, I am neither side
I keep the world in balance so humanity will not hide

You can call me angel
You can call me demon
Wherever I may dwell
The forces of good and evil are near
Who will win heaven or hell?
The voices are speaking, can you hear?
The sides have to maintain their natural design
The powers of good and evil shall not have conflict
The space that separated good from evil has become but a mere line

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