Drug Abuse

December 6, 2008

People want to be “Living above the influence”
Some want to believe they are.
But they know the truth.
We take and take and never give back.
Broke to buy relief.
But is it “The relief of pain?”
You know from the beginning that it is “A bad decision”
But that doesn’t stop you
You don’t listen to all “The warnings”
Every day “Disobey”
Every one
You here “Stoner” every where you go
You like to get “high” so you think of “’Chocolates’ and ‘rainbows’”
You think your high but to the world your low.
You’re “Given” two options
Live or die
You feel nothing but..
“False pain”
You know it is to late but
You try for all that it’s worth
You go for help
all that happens is “Withdrawal”
They tell you
You are “The addiction”
You knew there were side effects but you don’t listen
“The effect” is all you think
You are a “Loner” in a dark cold world
You are “Too far gone”
“Peer pressure” over takes you
You are too weak
You go to your friends for help but all you get is..
They over take you
You get “A little help from your friends”
Two not one, more and more
They keep on coming
Joining because they think it’s cool
Joining because…
The peer presser is too great
Once you go in, there is “No exit”
“Dead below the influence”

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