December 6, 2008
By Abhijeet Singh, Secoundrabad, ZZ

Rewind those days of bliss
Where joy knew no bounds
When 'dont care'attitude prevailed
When I saw happiness in the sky

Rewind those days of my life
When in pursuit of happiness
I lost the battle
When I could nor find 'me'inside

Rewind those days
When I woke up in fear
When the laconic voice told me the reason

Rewind those days of my life
When I shook hands with the devil in the presence of hell's angles
And other side of me took control

Rewind those days of my life
When i used to jump in joy for no reason
When God used to reply to my mails

Take me to that day
When moral rectitude resonates inside me
When negativity evaporates and leaves a human inside
When a smile is bright as the sun
When i have learned to pick myself up
When I rise from the dead situation
To do myself a favour
When someone wakes me up from inside

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