Kissing With Our Eyes

December 6, 2008
The abyss of that kiss
The serenity of the dimension it took me to
The solitude enveloped me, the legitimacy shook me
For as I awoke from the utopia it transported me to
I realized
It was far more than a physical kiss
That kiss with our eyes
It shattered souls and tickled emotions
The subsequent grin of understanding told secrets words couldn't describe
The love was seen in our pupils
As we kissed with our eyes
Our gazes filled the cavity of pleasure we had longed for
We never had to touch, to feel, to stroke, to tap, to pat
To experience the intensity that moment possessed
The room emptied, the world disappeared
When we kissed with our eyes
Look into these eyes of love, this transport to my soul
Dance with the flickers of my passion
Tango with the gasps of my desire
Kiss me with your eyes
Don't say a word, don't move an inch
All we need to know is present here
As we gaze
Don't wonder
Don't yearn
Don't hope
All you need is here, as we kiss with our eyes
Is it possible?
Is it right to kiss so passionately
Without even touching
As you penetrate my soul I feel you sucking every inch of love out of me
Your views embrace me
You cover me with your warmth...of your stares
No need for physical, this is more than enough
Kissing with our eyes

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