It's All Squared

December 6, 2008
this is one of those things
something that ages seems
to bring
upon us all
to others it's small
but not to yourself
it's not a just book on a shelf
recollections of days passed
maybe it's all in the past
those beautiful bits
tongues tangled and stitched lips
heart attack
from the lack
of good in you
you just arn't true
what's grey was once blue
that's besides what's coming across
remember that time of frost
or before your innocence
when you saw things as they were
and still had 5 scent
when you were sure
when you didn't make it blur
drug free
is truly the way to be
to keep true to your words
and take back ones heard
pass some months...
they don't matter
especially since they are much sadder
past the points of suicide
or midnight rides
with the Misfits turned loud
no, pass all that
and tell me something good
something Good In The Hood
it's about a girl
that made your sober soul whirl
the first night you kissed
that soul went out
but you didn't give a shout
no, it left fast like a rocket
into that heart locket
even now she has it
maybe that's why the emptiness comes in bits
so forget about past crimes
listen to that song for the millionth time
but it won't make her come back
or bring out the past
because, like it or not, things change
first out of reach, then out of range
don't make war with who you were before
put this poem in a drawer
f it all, nevermind your past

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