Ocean Spray

December 5, 2008
By Justice Nunley, Eugene, OR

The thudding of water in my ears,
the smell of sea salt in my nose.
The water is endlessly vast,
and bright blue.

My jacket’s so thin,
the spray from the crashing waves
soaks right through.

Shivering from the cold,
I wrap my arms around you
to keep myself warm.

We snuggle together,
for a few moments more.
A voice yells from behind,
and I know you have to go.

You hug me close and tell me,
what I already know.
I want you to stay here with me forever,
even though it can’t be true.

You have to leave,
and that’s all right.
As long as it’s not forever,
and that I may see you again,
you will be with me always,
until the very end.

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