Caught in the Flames of a Fire

December 5, 2008
By kattty SILVER, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
kattty SILVER, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
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Caught in the flames, burning
Making a mark forever
Sending a smoke signal
I’m caught in the flames of a fire

As the harsh winter winds
Blow at my window
The orange glow, captures me
Holding me in a stance
I’m caught in the flames of a fire

Destroying everything and anything
That stands in its path
Having no compassion
It’s harsh heat scorching the ground
The world is caught in the flames of a fire

A warm reassurance against the cold
A harsh reminder of destruction
Something intertwined, like everything else
With pretty and ugly
Bright and dark
Beauty and destruction
We’re all caught in the flames of a fire

The author's comments:
The world is like one large fire. Good or bad can come out of it, depending on our perspective. It has the ability to destruct and destroy. But it can be beautiful and breathtaking at the same moment in time.

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