Awaiting the Dark Angel's Arrival

December 5, 2008
Famed rumors of a bright white light
A dark abyss of no return
Deeds deciding my final fate
Anger Him and those flames will burn

Anxiety consumes my soul
My chair creaks with each tiny rock
Sounding like heartbeats in the wall
Death holds keys to my spirit's lock

Father Time visited my dreams
An hourglass was at his side
The last grains approached the bottom
Sweat trickled down me like high tides

I feel Him lurk in the shadows
My eyes avoid that entry door
A cuckoo flies over, chirping
I solely hear, "Run away! Soar!"

A hand grasps my shoulder tightly
My body quivers, full of fear
Swoosh! My body hits the bare floor
The robed figure breathes, "I am here"

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