Somhting i dont know?

December 5, 2008
By *Cait* SILVER, Cadillac, Michigan
*Cait* SILVER, Cadillac, Michigan
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Live like your dying

I try to find somthing different
something new
when all i do is think of you
starring at a empty wall
cluttered with pictures some of you
i'll swallow one last eyeful
only to turn and falland only to know i failed

i try to find something different somthing new when all i do is think of you
a subsudiary lookout point before im finding out my own beggining to fall asleep its so innocent i need you
beggining to fall asleep lying here waisting winks wait on promises for better things to come

you left me so much space
but i cant make a move
i think i love you i believe i do
but if i did would i even stand a chance i dont know what love is
or maybe is this love!

The author's comments:
im caitlyn mason 14yrs old and i love writting poetry i have for 2yrs and this is somthing i wrote when i was falling for someone i knew as a friend but i liked him more than that so yea thats why i wrote this poem thanks

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