Love and Hate

December 5, 2008
By Raynita Eiland, Maple Heights, OH

For every love there is a hate.

I love my family,
But I hate it that the economy is making it hard for them
To take care of themselves.
I love going to church,
But I hate it when others try to put down my belief
Because they don’t have a belief of their own.
I love my friends,
But I hate the fact that they all don’t get along.
I love my intelligent mind,
But I hate that I am afraid to express it.
I love my caring heart for others,
But I hate it that I am not old enough
To build a foundation to help people in need.

I think of my great-great-grand parents,
Hating their slave owners for putting them through hard times,
But remembering to keep on keeping on
For the love of their family.

Without hate, love wouldn’t be as strong.

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