December 8, 2008
By Brittany Denton, Sheridan, MI


Sadness is the color of blue as water lapses over itself;
It sounds like the wailing of a frightened baby
And tastes like the bitter tears of a wounded solider.
It looks like a starving child.
It makes me feel disgusted.

Sadness is red like blood;
It sounds like a knife cutting flesh
And tastes like under cooked steak.
It smells like the stale odor of urine.
Sadness looks like a blind man begging for food;
It makes me feel alone.

Sadness is the color of black like a dying flower;
It sounds like the crying of loved ones after a death.
It tastes like flat pop burning your throat as it goes down.
And smells like the coming of the bitter winter ahead.
It looks like the withered trees of winter;
Sadness makes me crazed with hate.

Sadness is the fine line that separates life from death.

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