December 8, 2008
By Marylou Cervantes, Lake Station, IN

I can't seem to forget
The short journey we had
No matter how hard i try

New things come and go
But my memories are still at a flow
Constantly swirling through my mind

Your soft laughter
Your comforting words that filled my- heart
Now all vanished

Your beautiful hazel eyes
That sparkled with great intensity
I can no longer see the brightness

Your hands that linked to mine
Never did i want to let go
My hands now sway alone at my side
While yours are grasped by another

I try with what's left of me to forget
The many beautiful times that we set
When you held me so close in your arms
I can remember your gracious scent

My soul, heart and mind need to be set free
I have to destroy all our memories
It all just makes life harder for me

I wont ever once again bother
To remember your unfaithful self
I want to be the one that rises above
After the hurt of your painful "love"

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