Frozen Torment

December 7, 2008
I really need it.

C’mon, please?

Well, why do you get one?

I’m tired.
We’ve been shopping all day, and it would really perk me up.
I promise, just this once, and I won’t talk for the rest of the day.
I’ll even clean up my room for the next week!

How about one of those healthy ones?
We could even have them put some nuts on top; I could use the protein.
You always tell me I need to eat better.
I must have it! I’m having a hot flash! It’s medicinal!

Please! You bought her one!
It doesn’t matter that she’s smaller and cuter than I am, it’s only fair.
Would you change your mind if I cried and pounded the ground with my fists?
You always seem to give in when she does that.

I mean, it just looks so wonderful.
Sitting there, white and perfect, a creamy little ball.
It’s so pretty, adorned with color and finery.
Great quality work; the best, some say.

Look, it’s not even that expensive.
It’s a bargain.
I’ll pay you back!
Happiness truly is priceless, you know.

But just look at it chilling up there, smug as can be.
You can almost see its smug smirk, as though it thinks no one’ll ever get it.
Let’s teach it a lesson!

Okay, okay, I give up.
I’ll just go sit and bake in the car, not thinking about what I could be enjoying.
Really, don’t you worry: I’ll be quite all right.
Take your time, enjoy yours down to the last delicious lick. See if I care!

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