Fix it.

December 5, 2008
By Megan Muchow, Clarence, NY

I’m not the kind to hide
I’m the last one running
The Final one fighting
The only one standing
When the rest had been knocked down
Sometimes it felt like I was
The only one looking for right in the world
Where people were truthful
Didn’t lie, didn’t cheat
Didn’t hide behind society
When people thought for themselves
And spoke their mind
And people only say personality
Where jobs we safe, not shipped over seas
Where parents stayed together
And teens didn’t have to cry
Friends were friends their whole lives
A place where the government told the truth
So you knew how it affected you
Where the economy was good
Kids could afford college
And didn’t have to work two jobs
Where kids got to be kids
Didn’t have to grow up to quick
A world like this may never be seen
With the ozone layer and global warming
The pollutions getting bad and there so much war
World war three nuclear bombs
World war four sticks and stones will break the bones
People are deceiving
Threes to many people bleeding
Seems like there’s no good to fix the world

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