Christmas Time

December 7, 2008
Christmas is a family time;
Together the halls are decked.
A high-put ladder they'll have to climb,
To line the house with lights.
And when the hard work has been done,
They'll have something to like.
A feast of hard-earned tasty delights,
On which they'll have to sup.

Christmas is a time of giving;
Gifts are given around.
It's not the receiving that's important,
But this giving of gifts that is.
Gifts are brought from everyone,
And exchanged with everyone else.
Families and friends bring each other these,
And show their love for one another.

Christmas is a time of magic;
It's spirit all around.
To wake up on that Christmas morn,
And find presents under the tree.
Santa Claus has been to town,
And has left a few surprises.
Though now the Christmas season's over,
Somehow there's still some joy.

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