A Melting Pot of Races

December 5, 2008
By Anonymous

A Melting Pot of Races

In deep, active melting pot,
There is a brew, which consists of many elements,
Where each element is a race.
Each stir mixes people of various elements,
Melting together to create a multiracial society.

Creating this dense brew required many elements to meet,
Starting with the basic element of all, the Native Americans.
The original inhabitants of North America,
Who possessed various customs and languages,
Traversing a vast, aesthetic land for centuries.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean for a mysterious land,
Europeans seek new life in America, a land of opportunity.
Out of the wilderness they broke the ground,
Built their cities and towns from the timber of the land,
Supposedly advancing civilization to an untamed land.

Originally imported from Africa as slaves,
These pressed people carried with them African traditions.
Cloistered by their status enslaved labors,
They intermingled together and blurred each tribal identity
To crystallize a unique African-American ethnicity.

Coming from the south and the islands,
The Hispanics immigrated here and stirred the American Kettle.
At first they formed tightly knitted enclaves,
Then spreading out, establishing new communities,
Passing on their practices and language to others.

Eventually each element encountered each other,
Resulting in conflict and exchange of ideas.
Over time we integrated and shaped new communities,
Instituting one language and a common identity
That composes of a multitude of races.

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