Guinea Pigs

December 5, 2008
By Anna Szaniszlo, Maple Heights, OH

Little, fluffy figures I see,
What in the world could they be?
They’re guinea pigs, squeaking loud.
They want to play and clown around!
Tiny ears and sweet little eyes,
Two of them, there they lie.
Crunching down on carrots they love,
What is that they see above?
It’s me! I want to cuddle with them.
Take them out and play in the den.
They’re both happy to see me,
They squeal and squeak very loudly,
“Take me out please, oh please!”
Gracie and Brownie run around,
All over the carpeted ground.
A little squeak here, a little squeak there,
Where did they go, oh where, oh where?
Under the couch there I see,
Both of them looking at me.
I’m off to bed, so time for you too.
Goodnight Gracie and Brownie. I love you!!!

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