last christmas joy

December 5, 2008
By betty davis-phil, Weatherford, TX

a small child with blond little curls looks out the window at hte falling snow.
the cold means little to her frozen skin as her blue eyes sing of forgotten hope.
she stares around at the old and the new and see a sorrowful sight,
a man who skin wrinkles with tales untold stand in the corner alone sobbing his icnored wores.
this small child with her frozen hand reaches to touch the old mans hand and with a smile she spins around showing off her tattered dress.
she was covered in sout and her skin a light blue but her smile filled the mans heart, he was not alone on that chritmas eve dispite all that he had lost.
he and the girl played all though the night and they both knew that soon morning would rise, and the old man cried at this little girl who brought him much joy like his once decesed wife.
when she held his hand her smile still warm she said 'now my love let us go home, to be together for christmas to never be alone'
taking her hand the old man left turning into a small little boy and with the girl they left to play to the tune of the last christmas joy.

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