I'll Swim

December 7, 2008
By Lisa Murray BRONZE, Salisbury, Massachusetts
Lisa Murray BRONZE, Salisbury, Massachusetts
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If destiny were a bridge
And the bridge was the efforts I’ve tried
Then hold my sneakers while I jump, I’ll swim
For there’s no appeal to either side

I’ve napped in the field of flowers
And ate the meal life served
A single glimpse of pure happiness
Was always flattened undeserved

The yellow brick road turned black
The glass slipper was never found
The poison apple guaranteed death
And the beanstalk never made it off the ground

As if destiny were already written
Take sanctuary to the bridge
Where one side burned, the other was fake
And so I rest upon the edge

At least on this side, lies would not be needed
To cover the flames that burst into the sky
There was truth to this open hell
And hesitance to give the other a try

A side where the sun illuminates
Shining over each enlightened despair
Only to shade over a broken bottle of words
Its shattered shards beyond healthy repair

Here, the yellow brick road leads on
But unlike documentation will prove to show
It only leads to a relapse of circles
Never reaching where a soul truly wants to go

When the glass slipper was found
And the prince hurried with the shoe he carried
His dreams were crushed to witness the ring
On the left hand of his princess, already married

The victim of the apple was awakened
To her one true love, was eternally grateful
Until someone sweeter swept her off her feet
And to her life-saver was faithful

The beanstalk finally grew
And while its beauty towered high off the ground
Bigger is not always more beautiful
Its beans poisoning the entire town

So I return to this bridge, a sanctuary
From the struggles both roads hold
Either facing the smoldering, unbearable heat
Or suffering, withstanding the sharpest cold

Standing on the bridge, looking down
The prospective promises of each grim
So I made up my mind, hold my sneakers
Forget walking, I’m jumping, I’ll swim

The author's comments:
This poem is about the division between truth and lies in my life. Standing on the bridge I can look down the road of each and see both their benefits and disappoints, so I decide to take neither and forge my own way- by "swimming."

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