The Edge

December 5, 2008
By Frances Barnes, Ben Lomond, CA

A suburban school in a distant land
We had important jobs, my friend and I

We were Rainy Day Helpers

We watched over the young ones
While teachers took their breaks from the insanity

We were quite valued for our help

The sky was gray and gloomy as we left our posts
The rain had left as we made our solitary way back

Then came the rumble

We stopped, my friend and I, and stared
A curtain, alive and convulsing, rushed our way

We were hypnotized for a moment

Then, in our youth, we screamed and ran
And arrived gasping, damp, laughing with the thrill of escape

And I will always remember

The curtain as it sped toward us
The imminent threat of envelopment

The hypnotism of the edge

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