bound by chains of life.

December 5, 2008
Bound by these
cuffs of life.
and a soul
of dispair.
In this life there
is so much to fear.
there is worse
than death.
and there is
better than life.
We wounder around
this earth.
In this life
we all strive.
So learn the best
path for you.
many paths ive taken.
many times ive fallen.
once these cuffs fade.
we will all be free.
Bound by more
than lust and desire.
In a way
Everything will end
it will all end in fire.
but till then
we are all chained.
When will these cuffs
and These chains fade?
no body knows
what is our escape
we all ask these questions
sometime in life
tired of all our suffocations
we try and try again
but we shall never succeed

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