December 5, 2008
By Christina Tierney, Sheridan, MI

Anger is the bright red of lava spewing from a volcano;
It sounds like roaring thunder
and tastes like the bitterness of rhubarb.
It smells like stale alcohol on someone's breath.
It looks like a blinding light.
It makes me feel numb to everything.

Anger is black with fury;
It sounds like dead silence
and tastes like metallic blood in my mouth.
It smells like smoky cigarettes.
Anger looks like a burning fire.
It makes me feel hurt.

Anger is the white unconsciousness;
It sounds like crying in my ears.
It tastes like the sourness of betrayal
and smells like the salty sweat of exhaustion.
It looks like violence.
Anger makes me feel depressed.

Anger is the line between me and happiness.

The author's comments:
This is a five sences poem. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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