My Heart

December 7, 2008
By Kiera stehlin BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
Kiera stehlin BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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A sewing needle along with thread, mend my broken heart.
sewing back together what once was torn apart.
Patching all the patches,
filling all the cracks,
doing all thats needed,
as you put my happiness back.
With every simple smile,
or every gental kiss,
slowly it begins,
to fulfill my neediness.
With your strong yet
tender arms,
your my most desired wish.
So long ive lived with no hope,
without true love at all.
With every person who broke my heart,
went up another wall.
No one ever tried,
or really even cared.
To help mend the heart,
of a girl so lonely and scared.
But you came in,
and gave me love,
you really seem to care.
Giving me this great warm feeling,
ive known to be so rare.
With every tender touch,
gental look from with in your eyes,
Takes away all the pain.
Even tho to look into your eyes,
it burns me....
Like acid rain.

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