Battle Never Won

December 7, 2008
By Rachel Alexander, Shoreline, WA

When I’m gone,
I want you to remember.
I hope that isn’t asking for too much.

I want you to remember
The way that I fought
With weapons constructed of words.

I fought for the right
To do everything expected of me;
I never did it the way I was supposed to.

Things that most had to learn
Came second nature for me;
That’s the way I was raised.

I was raised to be great,
A leader to all,
But what happens when the leader falls?

Do you break like an egg in a frying pan?
That might be fun to watch -
Finally seeing you when you aren’t exaggerating your worth.

My whole life I’ve been doing everything,
Everything you’ve asked me to;
Nothing for myself.

Now I’m throwing in the towel
And my hands along with it;
Just what you were setting me up to do.

I want you to remember the way that I fought
With those word-swords and word-shields
And the smile that never seemed to disappear.

Someone should have told you
That everything isn’t always the way that it seems.
You’ve been lied to for a while.

I won’t be there when you wake up in the morning.

The author's comments:
My writing scares me.

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