December 7, 2008
By Alex Pelphrey, Santa Cruz, CA

everything that

rhymes with you
how hard could

that be to do
I could talk about

anything from the color blue
to my bran new

or maybe even

how much I miss you

yeah, I think that’s

what I plan to peruse.
we have not cuddled

in ages, I think were overdue
now I would love

to hear your point of view.
I try so hard to subdue
but it some how always

leads me misconstrue.
I know what your into.
now why don’t you pass

it could be just us two.

baby you haven’t got a clue.

you’re a dream come true.

there is nothing that you should feel you need to live up to.

because you are one of the few,

that no matter how much I review,

or what you put me through,

I will always love you.

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