boiling point

December 7, 2008
By korie taylor, Indanipolice, IN

Im at the hospitle trying to celbrate a new life
but every thhing gose bad
the lights go dim and everyones smiles turne to frowns
I stare into space blocking out everyone and all sounds
as my soft tears hit the ground
I'm sitting indaian style with pen in hand
every one is asking me if im ok
I say nothing,I sit and write
every one turn into blurs
The tears are floweing now
and they wont stop no matter how hard I try
I sit still and once again stare into space.
as the tears flow like a river down my face.
I feel like im in a trance that no one can take me out of.
I'm in a crouded room yet i feel soo alone
i excape from realaty for a moment because my nephew is borne healthy
so i smile and play around a little bit
but realaty comes back around and im alone
I lie on my bed faceing the celing letting the tears build up in my eyes
until they gently fall down the side of my pail face
I take the pillow and cover my head as I scream into it
it acts like boiling water and steam
when i hit my boiling point
i just need to scream

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