The Life for Me

December 4, 2008

I hold dear to me
the love of adventure.
To pack up my clothes,
and wait for hours on end
until my flight is finally called.
Squeezing into crammed seats
and munching on week old, stale peanuts.
Is the life for me.

Feeling the lurch and bump
of the dented, decaying plane
finally gracing the rough runway,
after 12 hours in the clear air.
Gathering my objects
and stuffing them into a small duffle bag,
praying none of them broke.
Is the life for me.

Stepping outside
those opaque doors,
separating foreign from native.
Feeling the heat and humidity
cling to my clothes.
Hearing strange voices and sounds
clamor around me
enticing me to venture outside.
Wandering the streets
of this large unknown land,
searching for an intriguing escape
from the mundane working world.
Is the life for me.

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