Dreaming of you.

December 4, 2008
By Anonymous

I'm loosing my sense of holding on
to what needs to be lost
and it isn't easy
[well I could tell you that]
it won't be easy
and this won't be the last
[the last time]
that I find myself
dreaming of you

late nights
aren't mine
I'm more for the sunrise
and lying in the forest

swimming through the bubbles
of a waters falling tide
and in this serenity
[that's what it is]
I know it's right

fields of flowers
far from city lights
trees for climbing
and star lit skys
I know it's right

your face through a reflection
on the surface of crystal lakes
and not through mirrors
You could be anywhere
I know it's right

Are you holding on,
onto what must be lost
so you can find
the truth without the cost
are you willing
are you ready
to take a risk
that could change it all
I know it's alright
that I find myself
dreaming of you

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