Aspiring Beacon

December 4, 2008
By Robert Amanullah, Harrisburg, PA

Through bleakness I walk;
slate-gray mists ever-swirling
envelop ash lives.
I stop, look, and see--
Dismal gloom; life's weariness
everpresent cold.
Another path, at
another time, might have been
mine...but in shining
daylight, colors bleed
together, an eye-dazzling
wash without detail.
So I walk this path,
in twilight forever, ere
my own light appears.

The author's comments:
I composed this while walking to the bus stop on a cloudy November evening, then typed it on the ride home. I don't really know how to elaborate on what I wrote here without rehashing it, but it's basically a poeticization of my thoughts en route. Five consecutive senryu.

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