It Takes My Breath Away...

December 4, 2008
By Nicolette Almer, Plainview, NY

I amble through the weed-infested forest.
Trees swaying as I jog through the muddy terrain.
I spot something in the corner of my eye.
Sparkling, Glistening, Speaking out to me.
As I peer through the tree branches...
I see it.
An immense river, sparkling in the sunlight.
I can see my pale face reflecting in the smooth waves.
"This can't be real," I whisper.
It looks like it's from the pages of a book.
I lie in the damp grass beside the river.
I'll be here a while.

The author's comments:
Writing comes naturally to me. When I pick up a pencil, hundreds of ideas flood into my head. The hard part of writing is deciding which idea to write about first. Too many teens are afraid of writing. Don't be afraid. Have fun with your writing. Experiment. Remember that everyone has different opinions of your work, so if one person hates it, there's always someone out there who loves it.

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