December 4, 2008
By Jenny Pham, Dorchester, MA

All that you see in me,
Only half in reality,
Stating mistakes after mistakes,
Placing it upon the stake,
Setting it on fire,
Calling me a liar,
Feeding me to the flame
But you never came,
To set me free
From what’s destroying me,
But why don’t you see,
The goods in me,
You took me for granted,
I just can’t stand it,
So now I’m leavin,
This world I live in
Maybe when I’m not here,
You will realize that you were never there
So don’t you fret,
Or think of your regret
Don’t you worry,
Cause the girl in this story,
Learned to live,
And to leave,
She’ll be okay,
But she will not stay.
Will you be okay,
With me away?
Don’t drop any tears,
Cause I fear,
That if you do,
I will be a fool,
Coming back to you.

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