Warning to the Dead-Man Walking

December 6, 2008
Wishing and praying I was dead

There are strobe lights in my head

Every night they party there

Lying there unable to sleep

I close my eyes and hope for relief

I ask them to stop but they insist to party on

They roll on xo's by now it's nearly dawn

Alarm goes off, throat is dry

I've prepared myself that they will die

I take 2 hits the music softens

I'm glad I do not do this often

I must kill some brain cells

To help me forget they'll burn in hell

I tried to warn you but you didn't listen

You dug your grave it's not my fault

Becoming weaker with every drug you bought

You thought it was cool to be a user

But now that you're gone and I'm still here…

Who's the real loser?

An innocent soul corrupted I feel because of me

Used to think you were blind, but you can see

You sold your soul to become something you're not

Throwing your life away for a few ounces of pot

Used to try to help you and always be there

But now I watch from the side and can only stare

You had a chance but you turned your nose

I watch ineffectively as your pulse begins to slow

What was left of you as a person died

Somewhere in Heaven and angel has cried

You were never meant to be a sappy pushover

Because what you knew as life is over...

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