Because You Want To

December 5, 2008
By Rachel Christine, Saugatuck, MI

Let me be,
Stop trying to take control of me,

It's getting hard to look in your eyes,
everyday you lead me to another suprise.

Im done with you pushing me around,
making me feel down,
just because you want to.

This isnt going to work,
trust me, it will just get worse.

I'll face you everyday,
Starting right now, Today.

I'd go home and cry myself to sleep,
but now that's going to change, You won't be seeing my weep.

Don't judge me,
you've never walked in my shoes.

Maybe one day you'll understand what it feels like,
to be put down, and lose.

The author's comments:
In our society today,
I believe that we pass certain people all the time,
that somehow will make us feel upset.
I think there are plenty of unsatisfied people in the world, that will hurt us somehow in our lives.
Either out of revenge, jealousy, or they are just plain mean.
Many of us have to deal with them, and i know plenty that do.
Even I am going through rough experiences with running into bullies from day to day.
But we are told to keep our head high, and not let them get to us.
For me, that's a tough thing to do.
I was inspired to write this poem, because I hear to many students that now have a low self esteem because of what some ignorant classmates had done. This poem should explain how it feels to be put down on a day to day bases. If only the person who is hurting us really knew how it felt, then maybe they would stop.

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