December 5, 2008
By Paige Lloyd, Santo, TX

Living in a world so dark,
tired of all the cold hearted people.

Trying to find one person who understands your pain
lookin past every face in the hall way.
A hard, visisous place to be everday.
Hoping one day you'll get swept away.
Waiting till the bell rings so you can cry in peace.
Tallking to the walls.
And hiding everything.
Your mom dont get you, your day up and left.
You family thinks your crazy.
And you also think the same.
Tired of being the one people point at and laugh everyday.
Fighting for your right,
it is a free country right?
I have my freedom of speech and you have yours.
But i could grow up and discover something. While your our of work.
When people say karma. what do you think?
Do think "oh it could never happen to me!"
When your the one its going to bight.
Later on in your life, you'll realize, making fun of me, could be the reason why your on the streets.

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