Forever After

December 5, 2008
By Kathryn Spicer, Overland Park, KS

For forever after, we became fast friends
Sharing and laughing, our fun never ends.

No one can keep us apart very long.
No one can stop us from singing our song.

Spare us the story ‘bout how we’ll grow apart.
We know that a friend is true, a friend of the heart.

You take on my troubles, my trials, my fears.
You make them your own, so they aren’t so near.

Now and always, the same remains sure,
My SPF one million, the only cure.

For forever after, we’ll share this love.
Like sisters, like family, two gifts from above

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my best friend, Sophie, because we have been friends forever, and always will be. Love you, girl!

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