Angel Bites

December 6, 2008
By Barbra SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
Barbra SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"When you become frightened, instead become inspired."

We're both alone starring
At the ceiling when I vow
To stop loving you and myself
I can feel my angel's teeth
Cutting into my skin but
No matter how much it hurts
I won't bleed because
I'm a mosquito and I haven't
Feed in such a long while
The pressure she's putting on my hand
Fails and her teeth form a sharp
Smile, I scream
Not because I'm afraid but because
She's all I've ever wanted
Softly and almost compassionatly
She whispers
"You should vanish little girl."
Then her luminescent arms
Wrap around a body my mother claims
Is too skinnny but I feel right at
Home when I can feel and talk to
Every bone in my ribcage
When she leaves and I'm left alone
Again with only the sound of my fan
And my ceiling I sleep naked
So my hands can search every cervice
Of my body and evaluate which ones
Might just be good enough to not
Disect then I run my fingers
Through my hair that everyone says is
So pretty, so bright
The air smells stale and used
Like an alley with secrets
No one is brave enough to ask about
I imagine what your wondering
Probably weather a nice girl
Will ever love you like I do
A girl who won't fall apart
At the drop of a needle, but
I can answer that question
No, no nice girl will ever love you
At all I can promise
All the nice girls are lying
Right to your face I never lied
I reach my hand and caress the air
As if it's your soft cheek
I admire the pale white on my wrist
The blue veins are pumping
They have to race blood to my heart
That beats harder and harder each day
And just won't keep quiet
Then I roll over and kiss my pillow
As if it's your lips
Both the oversized upper one
And the lower one tasting like
Sunny D and sweat but
I know that it's just my
Rough pillow case
This curiousity has worn me out
Now we're both asleep on opposite
Sides of a stupid town
That can't keep us close enough or
As far apart as you'd like.

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