The Lip Virgin

December 6, 2008
By Melanie Crucitt, Loveland, OH

I can't help not thinking about it,
It just keeps coming back into my head,
I picture how it will happen over again,
It haunts me at night in my bed.
He'll cradle his hand on my face,
Our lips lean slowly in to touch,
It would be the perfect moment,
And I yearn for it so much.
But after all my dreams at night,
I come back to reality,
With my doubts and insecurities,
Kissing him just isn't a possibility.
But if I did kiss him,
Would my reputation change,
Would I be known as a slut,
Or would I regret it due to my age?
I only have one shot at this,
And I can't figure out if I even like the guy,
He's so great but I don't think,
I just don't think I've felt the butterflies.
Now it's a debate in my heart,
Is it even about the kiss anymore,
I'm always gonna want it,
But I need to be patient and absolutely sure.

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