The Boy

December 5, 2008
By Dylan King, Gorham, NH

"His world is crashing down, he can't hold on much longer, his dreams, goals and hopes are now all gone.

He thought he found happiness, safety, a future that would amount to something, love is a meaningless word he'll never know.

The boy tries to do good at this confusing game called life, but he always finds himself with the short end of the stick.

All he wants is to feel a sense of belonging, but who is he kidding, he should just give up.

The boy will never accomplish anything he hopes to,his life is just a joke.

He takes his pain out on those who matter the most, always puts the blame on everyone else.

The boy doesn't know what he should do, he's pushing his loved ones away but doesn't realize they're the ones he needs the most.

The boy is scared if what will happen next, his fear of abandonment is killing him on the inside, the boy feels locked up with no way out.

He tries to prepare himself for the worse, when will the boy learn he won't ever be happy.

The boy wants to just disappear, get a new start maybe away from here."

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