Apart at the Seams

December 4, 2008
By Kara Hiers, Clinton, MS

Swing swung high, above the clouds in the sky.
Wind sifting through her hair, without a single care.
Sweet scent of the trees, the buzzing of the bees, the Earth was bright,and it all seemed all right.
But he stood there watching, devising a plan, to someday subdue her, and send her life towards the fan.
Time soon permitted and he went in for the kill.
Little did she know...he'd become her jagged little pill.
Taking her hand...no need yet for a fight, they started down a path merely lit by the night.
First a little flirt, like playing in dry dirt, it was easily swept away, and kept at harbor's bay.
But with the rain comes mud, and enough can create a raging flood.
He offered nothing less than hope and success; promising she'd be her very best.
Slipping more deeply into a thing like love, what simply was a push soon became a shove.
He always told her exactly what to do, and because of her nature, she never missed a cue.
Somehow, still, she was never quite enough.
This was the locking of the very first cuff.
No matter the circumstance, she was always to blame.
He took every opportunity to put her to shame.
But with her strength, he gave her praise, so she continued to cling through the winding maze.
Others around her said she'd gone too far, but still, somewhow, she had to raise the bar.
Striving to meet the final goal, the price to be paid was only her soul.
She began to feel as though she had died, and the first snow of winter gripped her inside.
With the cold, she became numb.
He offered a solution for a "fairly cheap" sum.
A simple slide, until she sees the crimson tide.
As it leaks from her veins, it makes her feel tame.
She realizes that this is a quick fix; just another of his nasty tricks.
In a moment of despair, she knew she wanted out. S
She kicked and scremed, and began to shout.
When she tried to pull away, he yelled for her to stay, and promised that tomorrow would be a better day.
He said to her in his demanding voice, "Sorry, but you don't have a choice. It's you and me hun, til we're staring at the sun."
In the distance, she sees a helping hand.
She tries to grasp it, but it runs through like sand.
Once more she reaches and grabs a hold.
She is told now, that she is very bold.
Stuck somewhere in a tug of war, her body is getting tired and awfully sore
Each day, there is prayer and hope that she will come out with the skills to cope.
At times she feels she is going insane, but someday, somehow...her voice will reign.

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animegirl said...
on Dec. 15 2008 at 3:47 pm
great poetry i wish i could rite like that

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