Did You Hear?

December 4, 2008
By Miranda Modys, Weston, FL

Did you hear?

There was a congregation yesterday
Out by Amestry Park.
A lot of people attended
And came together for the event.

I hear there was a dress code
Where everyone had to look dull,
From head to toe in black
So that their skin blanched white
Until they looked dreadfully pale.
If I had seen it
I’m sure it would have reminded me
Of the Goth clique
That hangs out at the old Café
And listens to depressing poetry.
Only these people were much older,
And didn’t have as many piercings.

I’ve also heard that there was a lecture
Where an ancient man,
So old that he may have crumbled away,
Spoke in a grave tone
To those who had gathered before him,
And that he spoke of holiness
And recited incantations
From a little leather-backed book
In his wrinkled hands.

Another rumor going around
Is that you weren’t allowed to raise your voice
Except to cry out,
But I don’t know to whom.
And the rest spoke in whispers,
Sayings caught on baited breath
As attendees enjoyed gossip
When they really weren’t supposed to
Because ‘enjoying’ was disrespectful.

And have you heard who the host was?
The one who gathered them there?
Well I hear it was that boy.
You know, the one from Science class?
He had black hair and blue eyes,
Though he never looked up enough
For people to take notice of them.
And he always sat in the back
And stared out the window.
A lot of girls had crushes on that boy.
They thought he was mysterious
And very, very handsome.
But he was always quiet
And didn’t appreciate the attention.

So anyway,
Those girls say,
You know, the ones who tried to talk to him?
Well they say that he was always gone
Somewhere far away
In a whole other world
Way up in the sky
And that’s why he stared out the window so much
And somehow still got good grades.
And his family adored him.
But they also say that it was obvious
That THAT boy didn’t belong here.
That he really should be
Up in the sky
Where those blue eyes always wandered.

That boy threw this congregation
Of gloomy people.
But I don’t see why they were so gloomy.
I don’t understand why they were crying.
The boy didn’t want that,
I’m sure of it.
I think he’d want a celebration.

After all,
All he did was learn how to fly.

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animegirl said...
on Dec. 15 2008 at 3:53 pm
amazing i like it alot

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